"Pussy Hut"-Winter Stations 2018 (Winner)|"粉色猫帽计划“ 冬日站2018国际设计竞赛(获胜者)
Toronto, Canada 多伦多,加拿大

Symbols Matter.


Symbols can bring us together or push us apart. The pussy hat united the world on Women’s Day, with cities and towns around the world, women and men, coming out in solidarity. The Pussy Hut celebrates the symbol of the hat and expands upon it to create a warm shelter from the cold. The bright signature pink is highly visible, this cannot be ignored. The massive scale of visitors in to space. The internal structure, reminiscent of old hat forms, spills out from the entry space creating am open space for gathering and collection. Like the Pussy Hat, the design is simple yet powerful, a symbol like this gains its strength through participation and unity. As winter approaches it is a reminder to wear your hat, stand up for what’s right, bring others in to join us and stay warm.



The Pussy Hut will be fabricated in the tradition of the original pussyhat, only larger. Through initial prototyping, a fabrication system has been developed which allows for knitting at a pavilion scale. Tubular stockinettes are stuffed with recycled foam off-cuts to create the 12 cm wide “yarn.” The “Hut” will be installed over an inhabitable hat stand, the structure will be built of CNC milled plywood creating a cylindrical display space. Visitors are encouraged to bring symbols of strength and perseverance to the pavilion and display them within the shelves. Over time the interior will fill with the community’s personal symbols of strength and inspiration. The structural ply is left raw and visitors are further encouraged to inscribe their heroines and mentors in the march towards equal women’s rights.


Assembly of the “hut” will be taken on by a group of local volunteers in the Ithaca area. Upon completion, the “hut” will be placed in a visible flat bed for a public tour as it makes its way to Toronto.

Design Date: 2017.12

Competition by: Winter Stations 2018


Design Team: Martin Miller, Mo Zheng

Material: Woven Jumbo Hat, CNC milled wood frame

"Pussy hut" Winter Stations Photography
"Pussy hut" Concept Renderings
Pussy Hut Diagrams
Pussy Hut Elevations 

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