The Valley|城市山谷
Urban Mixed-use Development | 石家庄城市商业综合体

Date: 2015.06-now


Location: Shijiazhuang, China


Project Director: Mo Zheng, Martin Miller


Design Team: :Kim Dai, Mingxiang Wu, Jialin Li, Dixin Bao, Lisa Zhu



Located in central Shijiazhuang, one of China’s most densely populated cities, this mixed use project steps away from the standard extrusion typology so common to most of Chinas growing urban centers to develop a simple voxelated approach to the site and context. Opening a central “valley” with peaks to the East and West creates a large open green space that rises from the street scape into the commercial, creating a stepped exterior shopping promenade that blends into the interior while offering a public green space to the local neighborhoods. The form itself, both in terms of massing and plan distribution, is driven by highly intelligent evolutionary solvers. Many simple constraints (total height, floor area ratio, ceiling heights, sight lines, etc.) are implemented as fitness criteria while countless arrangements of space are given as genes; The solver is set free to evolve and test tens of thousands of combinations eventually seeking and finding those with the highest level of fitness between the many constraints placed on the design.