Tsinghua Performance Art Center Rennovation|清华学堂室内改造
Beijing, China 北京,中国

The experience of attending the theater is one of social gathering and sharing. With our intervention, we will develop a space to nurture and enhance that experience. Through the development of intimate communal seating spaces and sound dampening wall treatments, users in the space will be better able to share their thoughts and converse. Dramatic lighting
effects will create diversity and excitement within the space while maintaining and play between intimate and occupied spaces.

The intervention will utilize cutting edge digital techniques and design principals to create a space that is modern and exciting, unique and interesting. We will play between soft spaces and materials designed to dampen sound in the space
and to comfort the body, hard edges to contrast the soft and enhance where a shadow may play between soft and hard edge. The space will be visually stimulating, intellectually nurturing and acoustically friendly all at once.







Location: Beijing, China

Design Date: 2015. 11

Design Team: Martin Miller, Mo Zheng, Kim Dai


Interior Area: 3106 sqm



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