Cornell University ARCH 4605/6605
康奈尔大学建筑课程2015 (本科+研究生)
“From Sheet to Form” 从面到形
教授:Martin Miller(马丁 米勒)
Workshop 1 Paper Lamp| 纸灯笼
Student Assignment | 学生作业
Workshop 2 Volumetric Aggregations | 体量变化
Student Assignment | 学生作业
Workshop 3 Sheet To Single Curvature | 平面到曲面
Student Assignment | 学生作业
Workshop 4 Final Installation | 最终装置
Student Assignment | 学生作业

Students: Andrew Moorman, Kevin Jin He.

Students: Charisse Tsien Mei Foo, Hanxi Wang

Students: David Rosenwasser, James Fleming

Students: Henry Chuang, Anders Evenson

Projects credit to:

Alisa Yu Tiong, Christopher Andras, Charisse Tsien Mei Foo, Hanxi Wang,

Savannah Hawk, Courtney Park,, Benjamin Mayne, Elie Bontros, Jeremy Bilotti,

Henry Chuang, Anders Evenson, David Rossenwasser, James Fleming,

Kevin Jin He, Andrew Moorman.

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