DE|STRESS PAVILION: Print-Cast Concrete| 机械臂3D打印砖块混凝土拱

"De-Stress" a 3D-printed concrete shell

DE|stress is a 3D-printed concrete shell of 110 unique panels. Computationally optimized to its specific form and place, DE|stress adopts innovative technologies in pursuit of concrete construction that is more sustainable, formally responsive, and flexible. The vaulted space invites community collaboration, gathering, and activity under the shade, as well as providing an ideal place to admire the surroundings as framed by its arches. DE|stress is designed in collaboration with Martin Miller of Cornell University.

Materials - Laticrete MD-31 3D Printable Mortar; Laser cut painted steel; Steel; EcoVantage Thermally Modified Ash Wood; Greensand Mix (Bentonite Clay, Medium Sand)

Complete date: 2019/09

Design Team: Martin Miller + Christopher Battaglia 

Fabrication Team: Ball State University, Lead by 

Christopher Battaglia

Exhibition: Design Columbus 2019

Special design: Robotics, Print- Cast Concrete

De-Stress Pavilion Displayed at Design Columbus 2019
Detail of the pavilion
Robotic Arm 3D Printing the Concrete Brick
Concrete Modular Bricks
Installation process
Installation process
Physical Model Studies
Design model 3D
Site Plan and Elevation Drawings
Final Installed Photography

This is a collaboration AntiStatics + Christopher Battaglia project.

该项目图片与图纸归属于非静止AntiStatics 与 Christopher Battaglia共同完成

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