CatenAIRies|“气悬” 互动装置
2016 The Second Ning Bo Contemporary Art Exhibition"AIR" | 2016年宁波第二届当代艺术展“空气”

Location: Ning Bo Museum of Art, China


Date of exhibition: 2016.01-2016.02


Design: AntiStatics Architecture


Design Team: Martin Miller (USA) + Zheng Mo Arsalan Rafique (Pakistan), Kim Dai (USA)


Mechanism and Interactive Design: LEDOO Electronic Arts Studio


Media: Nylon, Plaster, Electric Fan, Steel Frame, LED Par Cans


Special Design: Parametric Centenary form finding and fabrication, Proximity Sensor



Air is one of the most significant and potent force that has shaped the Earth.


Winds define the form of sand dunes, carries seeds and birds to populate the world, it pushes the waves up on shore…


Air as both a subtle omnipresence and definitive energy, “CatenAIRies” pays homage to it by utilizing wind to create a fluid and ethereal spatial experience. Derivative of the hanging chain model that acts upon the downward force of gravity, here air exists as a counterforce pressing upwards. The installation playfully alters the space by constantly responding to its surroundings and the user’s interaction. Smalls fans are used to inflate lightweight fabric domes that hang down from shifting water-drop weights – the entire installation responding to the subtlest of changes in the environment. The domes – simultaneously massive and ethereal; both volumetric and barely surficial - are interdependent upon the neighbors, their collective behavior defining the ever changing form of the space.


Emphasizing our personal influence on the air around us, CatenAIRies is sensitive to our presence, never static, always changing, its dynamism gives it life, an ever changing cycle of ups and downs.





设计团队: 马丁·米勒(美国)、郑默、阿尔萨兰·拉菲克 (巴基斯坦)、戴晓暖(美国)


机械互动设计: 乐都电艺工作室




设计特点: 参数化悬链造型生成、制作,接近传感器







空气是生存空间无所不在的能源。“气悬” 巧妙地利用它来创造一种流动、飘逸、空灵的空间体验。水滴状悬链衍生了气膜结构成为一个自然落体,空气作为一种反作用力去抵抗自然落体,就形成 “气悬”装置。然而通过外界感应力而发生改变,产生了与行走人交集互动,形成戏剧性的生浮起降。风扇不断充盈空气悬膜,形成可持续的原动力,始终保持着水滴装配重链与气囊之间的和谐存在…… 优美的曲线拱时而膨胀时而飘渺滑落,既是空间体量又是曲线表面--- 每个拱和其邻居相互依存,集体律动的行为将定义空间形式的不断变化。



CatenAIRies Video by AntiStatics Architecture

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